Who we are

We are a National Organisation of Catholic Women, open to all women of all ages who support our aims and objectives in 'prayer, love and active witness to marriage, family and Christian life in the world' (from our membership prayer).

What we do

Throughout our 100 year history we have been involved in current affairs, particularly those that impact on family life, lobbying our MPs and MEPs to protect the marginalised and vulnerable in society both home and abroad. We are affiliated to other like minded organisations, are active in our parishes and support each other in love and prayer.

Aims & Objectives

  1. To help Catholic women to appreciate the Sacramental character, responsibilities and permanence of marriage and to live in unselfish love observing the laws of God and His Church.
  2. To assist them to bring up their children as practising Catholics and public-spirited citizens.
  3. To teach and defend Christian values in family life and to ensure Catholic education for future generations.
  4. To offer love, sympathy and practical help to the family in difficulty.
  5. To foster vocations in life especially in Christian marriage and family life and in the priesthood and religious life.