The Friends Circle

The Friends Circle is for anyone unable to actively partake in the work of the foundations who, by their prayers, offer support, strength and encouragement to those working to uphold the objectives of The UCM. The Circle encompasses prayer partners, those who have no foundation in the Parish or those in scattered foundations in a diocese.


Mother Most Admirable

Response: Pray for us

Our Lady of Good Counsel

Response: Pray for us

Our Lady of Walsingham

Response: Pray for us

St. Margaret Clitherow

Response: Pray for us

St. Joseph, Protector of the Family

Response: Pray for us

Lord God, thank you for creating us and being the centre of our lives. Show us how to love and understand one another in this troubled world of ours so that we may all live in peace and harmony.

Unable to take part in the work of The Union of Catholic Mothers, we earnestly pray for its success. We pray that the members continue, by example, to uphold Christian values in marriage and family life; and that those entrusted to their care always remain loyal to their faith. Lord God, bless all the work they undertake.

Dear Jesus, Son of God, look with love and compassion on the housebound, troubled and lonely. Heal and comfort the sick in mind and body and grant eternal rest to those who have died. Let those who carry on your ministry increase in numbers and let the Good News be spread even further afield.

Holy Spirit, enter our minds and hearts, transform our lives and grant The UCM the wisdom to do your will in all things.

Mary, our Mother, please place all our needs before your Son. Pray that we accept our lot in life, seeing it as a blessing. Enable us to devote more time to prayer, especially for The UCM.

Lord Jesus Christ, you know that the circumstances of my life prevent me from being an active member of The Union of Catholic Mothers but, by my prayers, I wish to support the work being done by its members. Inspire them with a desire for justice and truth, so that all they do may be carried out with love for you and those whom they meet. At the end of our lives may we all be united with you and Mary our Mother, in our true heavenly home. Amen.